Address & Package Forwarding Services

Address Forwarding Services Rates Starts as low $10!

Do you want to shop online but have no US address? No problem! With OEC Supply, you can shop at your own free will by using OEC’s warehouse address as your own mailing address (3254 NW 38 ST MIAMI FL, 33142), then we will ship your goods directly to you for a small service fee.

For example:

Once the order is received in the warehouse, it will be placed in a designated location specifically for you. Once you email or confirm that you want the items shipped we will then consolidate all your items into one carton or pallet. An invoice will then be emailed to you, which you can pay via credit card that’s on file. Please note all items received & not shipped within a reasonable time period (7 days) are subject to warehouse service charge. Once payment is confirmed, Items will be delivered to your designated freight forwarder. Again, we at OEC Supply strive to please our clients’ needs as best as possible. Our goal is to provide our clients’ with EXCELLENT SERVICE.

If interested in a specific service please contact us directly to provide you with an itemized quote at: Phone: 305-638-1000 email:

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